To register a trademark in Hong Kong, the applicant need to submit an application to the Intellectual Property Department (IPD) trademark registration office. IPD was established in 1990 to take over the trademark registration office and patent registration office of the original Registrar General, and is responsible for handling and advocating intellectual property rights related matters.
The application time for a Hong Kong trademark is about 5-8 months. If a refusal is required, the application time will be extended. The electronic application receipt will be obtained about 3 days after the application is submitted. 
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Materials required for filing of trademark application in Hong Kong
1. Individual application: ID card copy with front and back.
    Company application: Copy of certificate of incorporation
2. Applicant's name and address (※Chinese or English)
3. A clear graphical representation of the trademark
4. Classes of trademark applications and goods / services (※According to Nice Classification)
5. Power of attorney

Hong Kong trademark application process
STEP 1. Application
After submitting the required documents, the Trademark Office will issue an application receipt.

STEP 2. Formal Examination
The Trademark Registry will review the submitted application form and all attachments in detail to see if the required parts of the form have been completed, whether the relevant information is correct, and whether the required information is incomplete. If the applicant need to replace the certificate, the applicant must reply within 2 months.

STEP 3. Substantive Examination
The Trademark Registry will examine whether the trademark applied for has registered or applied for the registration of the same or similar trademark in the same or similar goods or services. The Examiner will then issue a written opinion stating the objections and reasons for the relevant mark, or determine to accept the registration application for the trademark.
※ If the application does not meet the registration requirements, the Trademark Registry will object. Applicants must meet the relevant requirements within 6 months, which can be extended for 3 months.
※ If a hearing is required, all evidence supporting and opposing trademark registration will be generated during the hearing. The hearing officer will then make a decision.

STEP 4 Announcement and Registration
After the Trademark Registry accepts your application, it will be published in the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Gazette ( The announcement period is 3 months, and anyone can file an opposition to the trademark

After registration, the trademark will not be used for three consecutive years without justifiable reasons. Anyone could file a trademark cancellation procedure.