The patent is territorial principle and is only valid in the approved country or region. Therefore, patents must be applied for separately in various countries and examined for patent rights. There are no so-called "world patents" or "international patents". Usually, "world patents" and "international patents" may refer to "PCT" patent applications . Gold Keen provides services such as domestic and foreign patent applications, domestic and foreign patent search reports, PCT international patent applications, and national patent annual fee management.

Any individual or company (legal person) can apply, and the patent application should prepare documents: 1. Application form; 2. Instructions; 3. Necessary design drawings; 4. Power of attorney (provided by us)

The Focus Points For Applying Patent



Whether the product can be manufactured or used in the industry. It is determined that the invention is industrially usable and has industrial practicality.



1. Whether the product has been published, based on the date before the application and doesn't include the day of the application date.
2. Patent novelty preference period:
    a. Open to the public because of experiment
    b. Because it was published in the publication
    c. Because it is displayed in an exhibition sponsored or approved by the government

★If the disclosure is not due to its original intention, the invention or new type patent shall be filed within 12 months from the date of the fact, and the design patent shall be filed within 6 months from the date of the fact.



There is general knowledge in the technical field to which the invention belongs, and the invention is not progressive when it can be easily completed according to the prior art before the application.

Classification of Patents

Invention Patent
(examination system)

Technical solutions for product or method invention or its improvement
Patent rights for 20 years
The review period is about 2~3 years

New Patents
(registration system)

Creation of the shape, structure or combination of objects
Patent right for 10 years

The review period is about 4-6 months​

Design Patent
(examination system)

Aesthetically pleasing product shapes and patterns suitable for industrial applications
Patent right for 15 years

The review period is about 1 year​