Industry Suggested class

Class 29: Meat, Seafood, Salad, Milk products
Class 30: Tea, Coffee, Confectionery, Sauces, Rice, Noodles
Class 31: Fresh Vegetables, Fresh shrimp and crab
Class 32: Juice
Class 33: Liquor
Class 35: Advertising, Business authorized join and franchise management, Retailing and wholesaling of foodstuffs
Class 43: Restaurants, Coffee shop, Venue rental, Catering rervice


Class 18: Purse, Backpacks, Umbrellas, Suitcases
Class 25: Clothes, Shoes, Socks
Class 26: Apparel accessories
Class 35: Advertising, Marketing, Network auction, Retailing and wholesaling of clothing
Class 42: Design of plane graphics
Class 45: Provision of information relating to fashion, Purchasing services for private


Class 16: Name card, Postcards, Stationery
Class 35: Advertising art design, Marketing consultant
Class 37: Design of interior décor, Marketing consultant
Class 40: Processing materials for customers
Class 41: Online browsing services for electronic publication, Film production
Class 42: Interior design, Product design

Building and
Chartering and

Class 06: Hardware
Class 09: Electronic product
Class 11: Lamps, Household electrical appliances
Class 19: Building materials
Class 20: Furniture
Class 21: Kitchen appliances, Tableware
Class 35: Advertising, Marketing, Retailing and wholesaling of furniture
Class 36: Leasing of real estate, Real estate management, Rental of offices 
Class 37: Painting, interior and exterior
Class 42: Design of interior decor


Class 05: Pharmaceutical drugs, Nutritional supplements
Class 10: Medical equipment
Class 30: Royal jelly, Bee glue
Class 35: Electronic shopping, Drugs, Retailing and wholesaling of nutritional supplies
Class 44: Pharmacy advice, Medical equipment rentals


Class 14: Jewelry, Crystal, Jewellery, Watch
Class 35: Electronic shopping, Jewelry, Jewellery, Retailing and wholesaling of watches
Class 36: Pre-investment consultation
Class 37: Jewel design and maintenance
Class 42: Jewel identification


Class 03: Cosmetic utensils, Beauty masks, Milks
Class 05: Pharmaceutical drugs, Nutritional supplements
Class 21: Cosmetic utensils
Class 35: Retailing and wholesaling of cosmetics
Class 44: Visagists' services, Hairdressing, Nail beauty, Eyelash implant


Class 07: Machine
Class 08: Hand tools, hand-operated, Scissors
Class 09: Electronic product
Class 11: Lamps, Household electrical appliances, Bath fittings
Class 35: Advertising, Trading, Hardware, Retailing and wholesaling of electronic appliances
Class 37: Household electrical appliances / Machine maintenance and Installation


Class 09: Computers, APP
Class 16: Printed matter
Class 35: Advertising, Electronic shopping
Class 36: Third party payment service
Class 38: Information about telecommunication, Internet chatrooms, Providing online forums
Class 41: Educational, Entertainment, Publishing
Class 42: Computer programs, Network web page design
Class 45: Online social network

Cultural and

Class 03: Cosmetics
Class 05: Nutritional supplements, Pharmaceutical drugs
Class 09: Cell phone shell, APP, Eyeglasses
Class 14: Jewellery, Watches, Necklaces 
Class 16: Stationery, Sticker, Postcards
Class 18: Leather products, Purse
Class 20: Furniture, Pillows, Embracing pillow 
Class 21: Tableware
Class 24: Pillowcases, Quilt cover
Class 25: Clothes, Shoes, Socks
Class 28: Rag dolls, Educational entertainment articles
Class 35: Advertising, Electronic shopping, Retailing and wholesaling of handcrafts


Class 03: Shampoos for animals
Class 05: Pets' napkins; Pets' diapers
Class 12: Pet trolley
Class 18: Clothing for pets
Class 20: Kennels for household pets
Class 21: Feed container for pet
Class 24: Blankets for household pets
Class 31: Pet food
Class 35: Electronic shopping, Retailing and wholesaling of pet products
Class 44: Pet grooming


Class 09: Cell phone shell, Dust plug for cell phone earphone jack, Selfie sticks
Class 17: Anti-scratch protective film
Class 35: Electronic shopping, Retailing and wholesaling of computer accessories
Class 37: Mobile phone envelope
Class 40: Glass surface film material bonding treatment

Baby and

Class 03: Cotton wool, Baby lotion, Baby articles detergents
Class 05: Baby milk powder, Food for babies, Nutritional supplements
Class 10: Babies' bottles, Pacifiers
Class 11: Electric bottle sterilizer
Class 12: Baby carriages, Safety seats for children, for vehicles
Class 20: Furniture, Baby beds
Class 21: Pacifier brush, Tableware, Plates
Class 24: Fabric, Cotton fabrics, Blankets, Mattress covers
Class 25: Clothes for babies, Socks
Class 28: Tricycles for infants, Toys, Educational entertainment articles
Class 29: Milk powder, Milk products, Jams
Class 35: Electronic shopping, Food, Retailing and wholesaling of baby and maternity products
Class 41: Educational services, Organize recreational activities
Class 41: Restaurants, Creches
Class 44: Postpartum nursing care center, Postpartum nourishment diet service

dress and photography

Class 25: Wedding dress, Gown
Class 40: Clothing alteration
Class 41: Video recording and photography, Film production Clothing alteration
Class 45: Wedding arrangement services, Dress rental


Class 35: Office equipment rental
Class 36: Rental of offices
Class 41: Organize recreational activities, Correspondence courses

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