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After obtaining the case number for the trademark application, you could start adding the "TM" symbol in the upper right corner of your trademark. The application period for trademarks in Taiwan is about 4 - 6 months. It is up to the reviewing committee to determine whether the trademark is recognizable and whether it violates the trademark review criteria. 

When approving and receiving the certificate, the trademark agent will notify the applicant. The applicant will have the trademark right for 10 years after paying a registration fee. The Intellectual Property Bureau will issue a trademark certificate after receiving the registration fee.

Materials required for filing of trademark application in Taiwan

1. Provided by Gold Keen
    a. Trademark applicationb.
    b. Power of attorney   
        Individual application→Personal stamp   
        Company application→Company stamp and owner stamp

2. Provided by applicant
     a. Individual application
         (1) A clear graphical representation of the trademark
         (2) Copy of identity card
         (3) Designated use range (classes) of trademark
     b.  Company application
         (1)A clear graphical representation of the trademark
         (2) copy of certificate of incorporation
         (3) Designated use range (classes) of trademark

3. Others
     a. EMAIL
     b. Application address → The address will be published on the website of the Intellectual Property Bureau.
     c. Trademark application priority document, foreign trademark application date and application number → international priority (within 6 months).

Taiwan Trademark Application Process